Spring · Summer 2023

Participate in the Survey

  • get the latest data,
  • get the report at a better price,
  • make make factual decisions.

Purpose of surveys

We collect salary data so that companies can reliably make decisions regarding remuneration. We believe in fact-based HR. For over 30 years, we have been helping our clients with analyzes of the remuneration market and building an appropriate payroll policy..

What survey participants receive

  • earlier access to salary data,
  • detailed information on salaries in various industries, regions, companies of various sizes,
  • a comparatio tool enabling a quick analysis of the level of wages in comparison to the competition,
  • the ability to generate comparative analyzes,
  • free consultant support.

Highlights of the survey

  • reliability and safety guaranteed by more than 30 years of experience,
  • support of consultants in the process of matching positions,
  • job matching verification.

Project stages and schedule

Participation in the survey consists of the following stages






recruitment of participants
collecting of the data
verification of data
survey publication

Registration in the application

access to the raportyplacowe.pl platform

Collecting of the data

providing data on salaries, benefits, practices, and HR indicators

Job mapping

matching job positions in your company to the list of Sedlak & Sedlak’s job positions

Two stages of data verification

the consultant verifies the sheet and discusses any doubts with the participant

Preparation and publication of the report

data analysis, calculations and sharing the report with participants


free training

job matching verification

compensation practices report

autumn edition
of Salary Surveys


Benefits of participating in the Survey:

Salary Report over 30% cheaper than the regular market price.

Free training regarding job matching and application raportyplacowe.pl.

Verification of the elements of compensation and confirmation of job positions mapping by our consultants.

Access to an analysis comparing employee’s remuneration to the market.

Study on compensation practices.

Access to autumn/winter salary survey for companies updating their data.

Access to the methodology of the report, thanks to which you can organize your structure of job positions and create job descriptions.

Participation options

Comprehensive Salary Survey - spring/summer 2023

Annual access to raportyplacowe.pl application, including:

  • nationwide data for all job positions
  • data divided by 6 criteria (incl. company size, origin of capital)
  • comparison of company’s salaries to the market (comparatio)

Salary survey – autumn/winter 2023 for companies updating salary data*

Compensation practices*

Study on benefits autumn/winter 2023

Report comparing HR indications to the market*

9 000 PLN
(price for participants)

14 000 PLN
(for non-participants)

*only for report participants

Additional data package

Report „Sedlak & Sedlak Benefits Survey”

Salary report based on data from freely selected group of companies (the so-called peer group)

Report comparing company’s HR indicators to data from selected group of companies (the so-called peer group)

+3 000 PLN

The prices given are net values. 23% VAT should be added.

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