Sedlak & Sedlak Salary Survey 2020 - autumn

  • Check what conditions other companies offer to their employees.
    Compare data: salaries salary increases benefits.

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November 2020

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Salary survey Sedlak & Sedlak 2020 - autumn contains information on the salaries of 259,827 people on 796 job positions. The data comes from 707 companies from all Poland and was collected in the period from August to October 2020.

Analyses are given for following departments: head management, sales, customer service, marketing, public relations, finance, HR, IT, administration, production, technical, service, research & development, quality, EHS, purchase, logistics, construction & building job positions and job positions in IT Industry.
building an effective remuneration system in the company

Building effective
compensation system

planning of the salary budget in the company

salary budget

optimization of outlays on salaries

Optimization of payroll

getting to know the market salary structure

Knowledge of market
salary structure

determining wage differences between job positions in the company

Determining pay differences between job positions

assessment of the competitiveness of salaries against the market

Assessment of salaries’ competitiveness towards the market

Advantages of using reports

A key tool for implementing the remuneration policy in organizations.

The information contained therein allows to get acquainted with current salaries on the local and national market and adjust own compensations to changing economic conditions..

They help to optimize salary expenses and identify wage disproportions as well as changes in salary relations in the company.

Helpful in forecasting base pay increases and building an incentive compensation system.

Data presented in Survey

  • basic salary, base salary, actual variable pay, target variable pay, actual total cash compensation, target total cash compensation, all divided by:
    • regions
    • types of activity
    • types of industry
    • size of employment and annual incomes
  • level of implemented salary increases
  • level of planned salary increases
  • benefits entitled to employees on various job positions and career streams

Additionally, clients who ordered the premium version can also receive:

  • comparatio analysis
  • report for selected group of companies
  • report regarding benefits offered by companiesd

For job positions

For career levels

For career streams

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