Sedlak & Sedlak salary surveys

Compare salaries in your company to the market. In our surveys you will find:

  • Polish nationwide data
  • regional data
  • industry data
  • compensation and benefits analyses
  • scheduled salary increases
Sedlak & Sedlak Salary Survey 2020 - autumn
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Other salary surveys for companies

We publish over 20 salary surveys per year, some of them you may find below:

Sedlak & Sedlak IT Salary Survey - 2019

Salary Survey & Sedlak & Sedlak IT - 2019

Developers are currently one of the most desirable professional groups. Check the latest IT salary data.

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119 job positions 109 companies
Executive compensation survey in 2018

Executive Compensation Survey 2019

Check salaries of Executives of companies listed on the WSE and reward your company's top management accordingly.

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1303 Managers 343 companies
Benefits perceived by employees in 2019

Benefits in employees perspective 2020

Check which benefits are the most attractive for employees and adjust your benefits offer to the market standards.

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4 790 participants 79 benefits